Toilet Fizzy

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Toilet Fizzy

So what is a toilet fizzer? 
A toilet fizzer is a small cube that when placed in water will cause a chemical reaction. This will cause the toilet fizzer to fizz. This fizz helps to flush out any objects in the s bend of your toilet to prevent any smells occurring. 
We also use a liquid based soap to coat the toilet bowl to make cleaning a little easier so that those tougher stains don't stick to the bowl as well as they usually would. 

Ingredients: Bicarbonate Sodium, Anhydrous Citric Acid (Skin Grade), Kaolin Clay, Liquid Glycerin and Aromatic Fragrance Oil (Skin Grade).

Directions of use: Break one cube from the pack and place directly into the toilet bowl. Allow it to fizz away. Once the fizzing has stopped flush as normal. This will help to clean the S bend to keep your toilet fresh.

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